Allen Rascoe

I grew up in rural North Carolina surrounded by farms, and discovered a love for singing when I was asked to join the high school choral ensemble. The choir teacher, Mrs. Karen Knowles, took me under her wing and encouraged me in my first focused attempts at singing. I finished high school and started voice training with Dr. Perry Smith at East Carolina University. Working diligently, I received a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. During the transition to graduate school, my vocal studies were with Mr. Jean-Ronald Lafond who helped me prepare for auditions. After applying to and singing for different schools, I was accepted on full scholarship and awarded a teaching assistantship at the University of Southern California. So, I packed my bags and left for Los Angeles to pursue a Master of Music Degree. While there, I studied voice with Mr. Gary Glaze; performing lead and supporting roles in opera productions as well as teaching individual instruction lessons and class voice level one and two.......

Starting Over

.......When I had finished all required coursework for the Master of Music Degree, my Baritone voice crashed and I was unable to sing the final recital due to vocal trauma that caused me physical pain. Promptly, I began searching for an expert voice technician who could restore me to vocal health.  I discovered Dr. Joel Ewing.  In the first lesson, he confirmed my voice was damaged.  After all my schooling, I had to begin at the beginning. Dr. Ewing’s approach was to objectively address the malfunctioning of my laryngeal mechanism using both knowledge from the past and science of the present.  I got to work.  All throat pain previously experienced is gone, and I am able to express in singing what my heart is feeling.  Learning never ends, and I am excited to continue growing in my skills and understanding both as a singer and as a teacher. I strive to follow the teachings of Caesari, Reid, and Vennard; healing, encouraging, and challenging others along this amazing vocal adventure…...


…...My job as a voice teacher is to pass on the knowledge shared with me. I feel so blessed to watch a beginners’ voice appear for the first time or a seasoned voice reappear after disappearing. My teaching goal is to act as a guide to those who are willing to learn how to sing in a functionally healthy manner while imparting to them a basic knowledge of the workings of their vocal mechanism in a down to earth practical format.  Let us sing!

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