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The Alchemy of Voice  --  E. Herbert-Caesari

The Science and Sensations of Vocal Tone  --  E. Herbert-Caesari

Tradition and Gigli  --  E. Herbert-Caesari

Vocal Truth  --  E. Herbert-Caesari

Voice of the Mind  --  E. Herbert-Caesari

Modern Singing Master: Essays in honor of Cornelius Reid  --  Bybee & Ford

A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology  --  Cornelius Reid

Bel Canto: Principles and Practices  --  Cornelius Reid

Essays on the Nature of Singing  --  Cornelius Reid

The Free Voice: A Guide to Natural Singing  --  Cornelius Reid

Voice: Psyche and Soma  --  Cornelius Reid

Singing: The Mechanism and The Technic  --  William Vennard